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Item # 3L250, FHP 3L V-Belts

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Quiet, Smooth-Running, Exceptionally Energy Efficient

You no longer have to accept the lower energy efficiency associated with envelope belts on fractional horsepower light duty drives. Advanced V-belt technology has resulted in the development of a cut-edge, molded cog construction which exceeds conventional envelope belts in every performance category except oil resistance. This has been confirmed in extensive testing which proves that our FHP V-belts run smoother and quieter, last longer, and substantially improve energy efficiency compared to noncogged belts.

FHP V-Belts

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FHP 3L V-Belts

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Specifications · Applications · Key Features & Benefits · Cogged for Cooler Running · Low Vibration for Low Noise · Superior Efficiency for Improved Performance


Top Width

0.38 in

Approx. Outside Length

25 in

Weight Each

0.09 lb

For light-duty fractional horsepower motors. Molded cogs allow for use in applications where the belt is expected to perform around smaller sheave diameters.
  • Shop Equipment
  • Home Appliances
  • Light-Duty Machinery
  • Blowers

Key Features & Benefits
  • Universal classical profile.
  • Engineered rubber cushion and insulation.
  • Cut-edge, molded cogged construction.
  • Heat, ozone, and abrasion resistant.

Cogged for Cooler Running
The cogged design of our FHP V-belts (standard on 4L and 5L sizes) provides a greater surface area for heat dissipation and allows increased air flow around the belt during operation. These factors help to reduce internal belt temperatures and greatly improve belt life. Of course, the cogged design also improves flexibility, an especially important consideration where minimum or substandard sheave diameters are involved.

Low Vibration for Low Noise
Low cross section vibration in rubber-edged, cogged belts reduces noise generation. This allows you to take advantage of the longer life and high efficiency of FHP V-belts in noise-sensitive equipment. But even in typical factory settings, our FHP V-belts contribute to a quieter operating environment.

Superior Efficiency for Improved Performance
The historic inefficiency of FHP drives can be traced directly to the inability of a relatively large envelope belt to transmit a low-power force efficiently. Transmission loss is especially significant in factories using large numbers of drives and where small diameter sheaves are involved. The aggregate loss can be significant enough to have an adverse effect on equipment performance.

These FHP V-belts efficiency begins at 93% when used with smaller sheaves and increases dramatically as the sheave diameter increases. Since more of the rated power of the drive is delivered, actual performance nearly matches design performance.

In addition, the efficiency of our FHP V-belts offers you the opportunity to achieve full operating power requirements with a lower horsepower drive, reduced energy requirements, or both. These considerations can provide highly desirable economic advantages whether you’re a drive manufacturer or a drive user.


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