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Item # XPZ0512, GY Metric® XPZ V-Belts

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GY Metric belts operate under one of the widest temperature ranges in the industry, from -65ºF to 180ºF (-54ºC to 82ºC) (Temperature range is based upon test data obtained on select belt sizes manufactured from our latest rubber compounds, consistent with standard MIL-B-11040-E, section 3.8). It's that versatility and our experience in rubber compounding that can provide superior performance under the toughest conditions.

GY Metric® V-Belts

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GY Metric® XPZ V-Belts

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Specifications · Applications · Key Features & Benefits · Universal Fit · Superior Performance Under Tough Conditions · More Savings From Fewer Belts




Datum Length

512 mm

Eff. Length

0.081 in

Top Width

10 mm


Premium Cogged Construction

Temperature Range1

-54 to 82 ºC
-65 to 180 ºF

Weight Each

0.081 lb
1 Temperature range is based upon test data obtained on select belt sizes manufactured from our latest rubber compounds, consistent with standard MIL-B-11040-E, section 3.8.

Specialty V-belt for a wide variety of heavy-duty, temperature-sensitive applications.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Wedge profile allows for a smaller drive package and lower operating costs.
  • Premium fiber loading adds strength and cord support.
  • Raw-edge, molded cog and envelope constructions.
  • Optimum wedging action provides maximum torque carrying performance.
  • Heat, ozone and abrasion resistant.
  • Static-conductive (Drive conditions and service variables in combination with time in operation can result in a loss of static conductivity. It is recommended that a conductivity check be added to drive preventive maintenance programs where belt static conductivity is a requirement.) for specialized applications.

Universal Fit
When equipment calls for metric precision, you need a belt that not only measures up, but one that won’t get lost in translation. GY Metric belts are engineered to universal metric profiles, but manufactured by Veyance Technologies in North America, so you don't have to go elsewhere to get them.

Superior Performance Under Tough Conditions
GY Metric belts are strong, flexible and able to work within a wide temperature range, offering superior performance under the toughest conditions. So they do more than measure up. They stand apart.

More Savings From Fewer Belts
The high-strength and high horsepower capacity of Torque-Flex® V-belts means you need fewer belts and fewer sheave grooves to deliver the same amount of horsepower.


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